1.17 Pre-Season Release

To Kick Off.

To prepare for the full release of CitrusMC, we decided it might be a fun, helpful idea to turn off the whitelist, throw in just a smidgen of magic, add water, and see how things go. I'll elaborate on that later, but if you didn't get the message: We want you to join in on this trial to help us fine-tune our server as we figure out if these weird ideas we've fabricated over the past few months are good or not (my money is on raids).

Read along, I'll give a quick, brief rundown of our highlighted features that are going to be live today and what plans we have for the coming weeks!


Peaceful Factions

In the past CitrusMC has always had factions as the main objective, raiding and all. While there are definitely a few sleeper agents planted throughout our community, it never seemed like raiding was much of a concern for players. Most people would relax and build some modern-esque millionaire lifestyle studio in the face of a mountain, or maybe retire to their hard-earned land to spend the rest of their days raising cattle. Whatever the terrible choice, not many people wound up raiding. So OP Factions was put on the back-burner, and Peaceful Factions stands alone now.

Peaceful servers cater to the type of player who enjoys vanilla Minecraft, but wants a multiplayer experience. Let's face it, it's hard to do that with realms, plus, you can't find fun features like you can get here. What you can do here is build your dream survival house on a server where you can socialize with new players without the worries of things going south- we've got your back. To liven up your experience, we added a few of the classic features along with our personal favorite, Dungeon Raids.

Custom Map

Remember the days of CitrusMC's amplified map? Or maybe you're from a little further back when we had EWG and had a "custom" map but it was actually just a generator used by the few servers willing to pay for it? This time around, when we say "Custom Map", we mean it. This season's map is hand-made by our Head-Builder MaxusCorkus. For pre-season we're only offering a ~5kx5k map; the full version will come with the full release. Within this map you can find a handful of unique biomes that scratch the surface of what we have coming. If you want to take a wider look at what types of biomes there are, glance at our dynmap!

Dungeon Raids

A feature that will not be available for the first few days of pre-season, Dungeon Raids is a spin-off of the old implementation of Boss Fights. Instead of jumping through hoops and trekking the map to find a dungeon, we've streamlined the process to be more fast-paced and accessible to users. It is now more of a mini-game style feature in which players can initiate raids from spawn, invite friends to join them, and enjoy following a plot as they progress through each dungeon.

Reminder To Report

Eager to contribute to our server? We're looking for as much feedback as we can get. First, please report any bugs to use using /bug. Those reports go straight to our bug tracker and keep us on track. Now, besides bugs, we also really value feedback. Do you have ideas, suggestions, or maybe you're just a little against the latest price decreases in shop and are outraged? You can tell us how you feel in the #feedback channel on discord.

Closing Notes

Apply For Helper

Have you ever wanted to be staff on one of the most professionally managed teams? With software and tools that puts us on the same level as major servers, being staff with us allows you to prove yourself and work your way up. Apply here today for a quick response.

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