Keep Your Hopes High, We're Hitting

In Case You Didn't Realize

Yesterday marked one week of our pre-season over with, and I normally don't refer to anything from my own point-of-view when I write these, but I feel comfortable in saying the first week was a success in many ways. Considering the circumstances; our pre-existing community, our reputation, today's climate, features we have to offer, advertising done... The number of players we saw was fair and more than deserved!

Talking Points

Idiots amongst others...

While there are definitely a few factions growing on our server, one of the most prominent so far is the IDIOTS faction! Your settlement is an impressive one that grows every day, and we thank you for your participation in our server! This thank-you is also extended to all of the other smaller factions playing daily and baring with us while we kick into gear to push out features, fixes, and updates!

Bandit Captain Dungeon Raid Event

As scheduled, on Wednesday we hosted an event in which a few of our users got to participate in the very first official dungeon raid against the infamous Bandit Captain. Right when we were debating on rescheduling, a few loyal Citronites logged on to participate! The fight was a success and, while short-lived, was fun just to watch from my point of view. It only took 8 deaths collectively between a team of 6 to defeat him! A special thanks to: _IamSunny_, SirDeathnote, ZombehMann, Darxney, and lizzymead for stopping in for the event! There will be more to come.

Pre-Season Map Will Reset, But Not Bases

If you're an active Minecrafter, server-goer, and/or pre-season participator, then you might know that it is common practice for servers to reset their maps and wipe player data once the trial is over. Being a peaceful survival server like us, we know that we simply cannot do that. So, the map itself will reset, and we will manually save everyone's builds to carry them over into the full release map! Go bananas with building, because we'll make sure you keep it all.

Added Kits

As promised in the intro and in our handbook, we have added kits for you to use. This feature offers four different kits to choose from that give you items to help in different areas of your experience. To access this, type /kits. You can left-click to use each kit, or right-click to consider upgrading the kit for a price. The kits max out after 8 tiers but also cost more with increased delays after each tier. Enjoy!

Added Ranks

You would think that we would have added this from the get-go, but we wanted to make sure we did it right! ... well we think we did, at least. Going back on what we had said previously in announcements about removing the normal ranks, lime through lemon, we have decided they will stay! Veteran players will still receive a veteran badge that will be announced at a later time.

Okay, so lime, tangerine, orange, grapefruit, and lemon are staying. Why are we still talking about this?

I'm glad you asked. Questions flaunting rhetoric are my favorite! We have decided to add a new type of rank on the server that goes by the name Citron- which is a fruit (believe it or not), and is also word-play on the word Patron. Citron is a subscription-based rank that you can subscribe to and receive nearly all of the cosmetics on our server, as well as a fancy-schmancy role on discord, tag in chat, and a blue that makes you look like you care about our server.

Our store can be browsed at

Vote Links & Rewards Added

We have already mentioned and announced it a few times, but this blog post is where we officially announce these sorts of things. You can now vote for our server on four different pages, and in return, you will receive some cash in-game and one diamond per vote. Not very much from a glance but if you vote four times a day, every day, the rewards will pile up!

View all four sites at

We're Encouraging Shops!

Ever dreamed of running your own shop, maintaining inventory, putting on a smile and your best customer service voice? Now you can do that on our server. All jokes aside, we'd love to see some players making a dent in the market by building stores and selling items. If you communicate with staff, we can even set a public warp to your store to help with publicity! Official documentation on how to do this is coming soon, but for now, you can refer to the instructions in #announcements on discord!

Closing Notes

Apply For Helper

Have you ever wanted to be staff on one of the most professionally managed teams? With software and tools that puts us on the same level as major servers, being staff with us allows you to prove yourself and work your way up. Apply here today for a quick response.

Reminder To Report

Eager to contribute to our server? We're looking for as much feedback as we can get. First, please report any bugs to us using /bug. Those reports go straight to our bug tracker and keep us on track. Now, besides bugs, we also really value feedback. Do you have ideas, suggestions, or maybe you're just a little against the latest price decreases in shop and are outraged? You can tell us how you feel in the #feedback channel on discord.

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