From Where We Left Off

Happy New Year!

What have you been up to? Oh right, you can't respond... No worries! We'll answer for you. Happy New Year! But before we expose your recent work on our server, let's talk about the server itself first. To give a recap, we have inched closer and closer to hitting our first one hundred unique joins, hovering around the nineties as you read this. The main source of fun on our server though lies with our dedicated players patiently waiting for the next step. It's players like that who help build communities.

We got to witness the first attempt at raiding a base performed by danielworth in a less than orthodox method, yet an effort nonetheless. SpongyPvP got around to building an incredibly large **** (censored due to Citizen's Privacy & Protection Act) that we will be helping put to good use in the near future. ContextMenu has invested some of their time into agriculture. We sincerely hope that investment will manage to pay off in today's climate. BlueFlamingWolf has built half of a beautiful home in which from the bedroom you have an amazing view of the stars. Immodesty branched off from the agriculture industry and has used some profits for building their own home. Our newest addition to the team, Lauren has spent most of her time exploring the enchantments on the server, so we can only assume she is preparing for WWIII. Besides exposing what our most active players have been up to, let's discuss what's in store for January.

This Month's Agenda

Our objective for this month is focusing our efforts on content and new additions to the server. This means you will see a new boss, some new features, and other various improvements that should benefit the economy and user experience. For any community events, we will release a separate blog post prior to the event describing the rules and other information. As always, you can ask our staff about upcoming events.

A Message To Our Donors

We would normally put this under "Notes", but we want to make sure everyone gets the message. One of the most important things that we use to set ourselves above other servers is the lack of pay-to-win ranks. You can't buy Lemon and receive any kits or extra homes to get a leg up, all players have the same abilities with the exception of cosmetics. We were surprised to realize our donors still had lingering permissions from previous seasons and have had access to multiple playervaults the entire time. If you are one of the players who've taken advantage of the benefits, you're not in trouble! However, you have until January 9th (five days) to clear your vaults before your permissions are automatically removed, with no remorse for the weak. Thank you for understanding.


Lieutenant Spawn Rate Adjustments

You may have noticed fluctuating lieutenant spawn rates over the past two weeks. We've been slightly adjusting them as we watch players find them and we develop a better idea of how difficult it is to find one. This is important because a lot of players have been finding the opportunities to fight bosses, more than usual. If you visit a dungeon and fight a boss, we'd love to hear your feedback'. If you find a boss too difficult too hard or maybe it's too easy; we want to know! Not to say too much, but eventually, dungeons will be rated by the recommended players it takes to fight a boss.

Top December Voters

Voting helps the server by making us more visible to potential newbies. Since the month is over, we figure it's worth saying thanks to our top four voters:

  1. SpongyPvP - 48 Votes.
  2. ContextMenu - 40 Votes.
  3. MaxusCorkus/daddyslittlegirl - 27 Votes (tie).

We Want Your Help

Big dreams require big teams- we need you. CitrusMC provides a very high level of professionalism you won't find anywhere else. With our high standards, being accepted into our staff team is an honor and will provide you with real-world skills.

Please read the application guidelines before applying, and remember that we pay very close attention to our player-base. Have you been good? Good luck!

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Change Log


  • New Lich King Greg dungeon.
  • Voting milestone rewards.
  • Added /trails command.
  • Added height limit for flying, it will not impact gameplay.


  • Unidentified books price increases.
  • Farming item sell prices have been buffed.
  • Lieutenant spawn rates have been tweaked.
  • Reverted Christmas themes.
  • Updated CE Plugin, various adjustments made.
  • Mechaprime dungeon has been updated with a new exterior.


  • You can now buy white scrolls from /ce.
  • Fixed trails received from crates not working.
  • Begun removing donor's extra playervaults.