Ahh, It's Ripening Season

Welcome, everybody.

This is CitrusMC's very first Ripening Season. The word "ripen" means to "become or make ripe". This week we are going to be doing just that in an effort to prepare for the full season release.

In this newsletter, we will be talking about every feature of the server and how to take advantage of it. We recommend reading our last two articles An Inside Look: Ripening Season (links on both) and Ripening Season if you haven't already, but we're still going to re-cover most of that information.


Daily Agenda

Each day of the Ripening Season, players will be able to claim rewards each day on /daily. You must be online each day to receive the reward for that day. Make sure to log on every day!

As discussed in our last article, it's worth bringing up the schedule for the next week. One thing we are super excited for is daily events and challenges. Each event and challenge may offer a reward of some sort, some of which will benefit you in the full release.

In spirit of the Ripening Season and its goals, server economy has been boosted to help players experience as much of the server as possible. Like last year's Beta Week, changes include:

  • Crops grow 10X faster.
  • Kit cooldowns have been reduced from 24h to 6h.
  • Every player's faction power has been boosted to 100 power.


You will have the entire Ripening Season to complete four tasks. Completion is subjective to staff and you will be notified of completion in the next blog post. In order to qualify, make sure you set homes at each location you build these at.

  • Build a base. A base is a standard factions base with walls and defense systems in place. There is no reward for this.
  • Build a house. A house is a non-defensive home intended for casual use. If your house is reasonably sized and is not obnoxious, it just might be kept around for the season release.
  • Build a mob grinder. If good enough you will receive a spawner to start with this season.
  • Build a farm. It's not much, but it's honest work. Receive £20,000 to start with this season.
  • Create or join a faction. Start with an extra £10,000 this season.
  • Participate in the Raid on Friday. Be online and participate in the event to receive a reward and special tag!
  • Enter The End. Receive special Ripening Season tag.

Additionally, each day you are challenged to defeat at least one boss that you unlocked in /daily. For more details on which boss to defeat, read the challenges on the /daily menu. You will start with one extra relic next season per daily boss defeated.


As per the last newsletter, in case if you are too lazy, these are the events planned over the next week:

Ripening Season Release (Sept. 18)

Beginning at noon, the server will be released for players to join. Players will be given great starting supplies to begin their journey. A new newsletter will go out with a full list of updates and new things to try out.

Day Two (Sept. 19)

This will be a standard day of bug fixes, new daily rewards, and objectives.

Area 51 Raid (Sept. 20)

Gear up and prepare for a battle that will be remembered for years and years! Your grandchildren will want to interview you one day to hear your war stories.

Day Four (Sept. 21)

This will be a standard day of bug fixes, new daily rewards, and objectives.

ENDing Operations (Sept. 22)

The last day of the Ripening Season means all players will have access to everything we want them to see. This means that the only thing left for you to do is complete challenges and fight the final boss.

Big Updates

1.13.2 Amplified Map

We reset the map but are using the same seed. While things are slightly different, you might still be able to find your old spot! Really though, the map is just as fun as before with plenty of great spots to build an unraidable base or a meatball.

Fixed Economy

We're happy you guys didn't notice half of the loopholes we did! Previously, there were a lot of inconsistencies on our end about what things in shop cost. We have fully proofread our documentation and configuration and have fixed any inaccuracies, and in doing so we fixed a few issues, such as the /sell command. We have also updated the shop and the economy to support the 1.13 changes.

Tip: Try /shop.

Northern Stars

Another change we have made is adding 'Northern Stars'. These compasses are dropped when you kill a lieutenant and are a somewhat useful item. You can set them to point to dungeons and even specific coordinates. Now you can simply follow your compass rather than constantly checking your coordinates.

Tip: You can use '/ns set' to learn how to set your compass.

Fly Requires Fuel

It has been known for a while that the plugin managing /fly has had its fair share of issues. We have decided to add an entirely new fly experience. Now players will have to collect specific items to use as 'fuel' to fly for a limited amount of time, depending on the fuel they are using. As of right now the only fuel available is cobwebs, which have a burn time of about 9 seconds. You can fly in any territory besides enemy territory and dungeons.

Tip: You will receive warnings when your fuel starts running low.

The End Is Near

It's not that close, but you can get there! Included in this update is the addition of The End. You may travel there the vanilla way; finding a stronghold and building a portal.


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Change Log


  • Fly Fuel has been added. Type /fly.
  • The End.
  • Northern Stars
  • Monthly Lootcrates


  • Map reset and updated to 1.13.2.
  • Updated item chat format.
  • Changed implementation of all vouchers for better functionality.
  • Fixed tons of typos.
  • Relics now affect players in a 25m radius when redeemed.


  • Boss Battles completely revised and tested.
  • Economy updated.
  • Fixed economy loopholes and errors in shop.