An Inside Look: Ripening Season


Greetings, everyone. Today's message will be the last newsletter prior to the Ripening Season release.

"When's the release?"

Oh, why thank you for asking. Why, it will be on September 18th, of course.

Wow! What time is it? I need to know so I know if I have to cancel church!"

12 PM EST, or 5 PM BST! If you are unsure about what time that is in your timezone, Google it ASAP!

"Yay, I get to skip church!"

You've made it through that painful dialogue finally, just to see when the server releases. Mark it on your calendars, because we'll be there. As you read in the last newsletter, there will be a handful of new features for you to play with during the Ripening Season. Yet we are still going to hold the changelog hostage until the official release.

In this newsletter, we are going to talk about the Ripening Season agenda and what fun stuff you will be able to do.


Daily Events

Even if there isn't a special event for the day, there are still objectives to complete. The biggest objective will be challenges. There will be a few ongoing challenges throughout the Ripening Season to keep you busy and motivated. Each challenge will benefit you in the full season release, whether it be a cosmetic feature, more starting cash or something else!

If any veterans remember last year's Beta Week, you'll know we had a '/daily'. This will be implemented as well for Ripening Season and will be absolutely necessary if you want to get each day's bonuses.

Smile! You might be on camera. We will be observing all players and recording them for a trailer in the future. Oh, yeah... right. We're also 'watching' for bugs too, I guess. Phooey.

Ripening Season Release (Sept. 18)

Beginning at noon, the server will be released for players to join. Players will be given great starting supplies to begin their journey. A new newsletter will go out with a full list of updates and new things to try out.

Day Two (Sept. 19)

This will be a standard day of bug fixes, new daily rewards, and objectives.

Area 51 Raid (Sept. 20)

Gear up and prepare for a battle that will be remembered for years and years! Your grandchildren will want to interview you one day to hear your war stories.

Day Four (Sept. 21)

This will be a standard day of bug fixes, new daily rewards, and objectives.

ENDing Operations (Sept. 22)

The last day of the Ripening Season means all players will have access to everything we want them to see. This means that the only thing left for you to do is complete challenges and fight the final boss.


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The Next Step

What's a couple more days? Sit tight and await the release now. Patience is rewarding.