Day One - Ripening Season


We're running out of greetings. Hewwo? Yesterday was Ripening Season release. We saw the expected amount of players on our server and are happy with how it turned out- as many things came to light and we are happy we had the chance to fix it.

As you saw, Traveller Zest was online to help with players having issues, and questions. Don't get used to it, we're wanting to move them to a desk job instead of having them out in the field. They'll be gone in time. However, their support was uncanny. Read below to see our collection of changes made for this update.

In other news, our poll on twitter asking who was showing up to the Ripening Season got a whole 4 votes! Could you believe 75% said yes, but 25% said no, but on opposite day? Those suckers got tricked into giving us 100% attendance! If you want to see an alternate version of our headlines through a different platform other than discord, make sure you follow us on twitter @TravellerZest.

Remember, The Raid Is Tomorrow

Make sure you log online tomorrow well-rested and in full gamer gear. If you still haven't read our other newsletters, tomorrow's event is themed off of the Area 51 Raid. Be prepared for what is to come.


Shop Pricing - MaxusCorkus

We received your inquiry about the pricing of some of our shop items, specifically farming items. When we sat down at our genuine oak table to discuss the economy, we had to bear in mind a long history of people making automatic farms. Even though the prices don't all quite reflect the possibility of automatic farms, the big ones we tried to knock down were cacti, melons, and pumpkins.

We're Watching

In case we weren't clear, we're keeping an eye out for players uncovering bugs by watching their in-game experience, and also things they do. This means we review commands and chat logs as well because some of you don't always use our bug tracker. Please don't feel challenged! With that being said, thank you for the handful of reports we received yesterday. Additionally, thank you TerrorHorizon for giving us insight on a few commands. Those have been patched for a cleaner experience for the end-user.

Apply For Helper

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Change Log


  • Cobwebs have been added to shop.


  • Private messages format has been changed.
  • Toast notifications disabled.


  • Relics have been fixed.
  • Factions fly has been disabled.
  • Certain command outputs have been changed.