No Safe Place To Hide

What Does This Mean

With grace period ending, this means combat and explosions are enabled, give or take a few other safe adjustments. You may have noticed creepers not affecting terrain, that will no longer be the case. In case you are new in the world of factions, this means you should be careful about who you trust. Remember: Raiding and killing players without mercy is allowed.

The War On Bugs

Over the past days, we have continuously been working around the clock to fix bugs reported as quickly as possible. There are many bugs still at large, and if you run into them you should promptly report them here. We do our best to address them in a timely fashion, however, some may take more than one day to fix. Once fixed, we may post them in our discord's updates channel, but most bug fixes will be found in a blog regardless.

This Month's Agenda

You may have noticed a new wall of text to your left at spawn. This wall will be updated every month with the scheduled events. This is so you can plan ahead of time accordingly and also so you have something to look forward to. You can expect blog posts prior to each event that give you an idea about the content and hopefully gets you excited for what is to come.

Kit Updates

If you've been using the kits you will be thrilled to learn we have added three new kits to the menu, Enchanter, Slayer, and Miner. Enchanter is focused around creating an easier vanilla enchanting experience. Slayer is different from Warrior because it focuses on killing mobs rather than players. Lastly, Miner is there when you need it.

On top of the new kits, we have also updated the delays between each use of the kits. They are drastically longer, but in all fairness, they were extremely short before. The last update to the kits is for the Base Builder kit, which now offers gen-buckets.


Suggestions Channel

We have added a new Discord channel specifically for suggestions, as it became apparent we lack a lot of features. While we already have our list of future improvements, we are still happy to see what the community wants. Please make sure you are following the new rules for our Discord server when you are posting.

Apply For Helper

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Change Log


  • Vote sites have been added w/ rewards.
  • Dendro crate has been added.
  • The monthly agenda is now posted at spawn.
  • Enchanter, Slayer, Miner kits have been added to /kit.
  • Credit holograms have been added to each dungeon.


  • Lieutenant spawning conditions have been adjusted so they are more common.
  • Tweaked starter kit.
  • Base builder has been modified.
  • Kit delays have been adjusted.


  • Fixed hostile mobs not spawning.
  • Kit upgrades now work properly.
  • Spawn eggs converting spawners.
  • Blaze spawners not being silk touched.
  • Messages showing up for spawners when clicked on.
  • Paramount not rewarding gems.
  • No permission to /gkit fixed.
  • Random teleport has been disabled in the nether and end.