Ripening Season

Hello, loyal seedlings


This announcement is about the first major update to CitrusMC, and we are happy to have you all with us. On April 23, 2019 Minecraft 1.14 was released. It has always been our goal to be at least one version behind the most up-to-date release, which is 1.13.2. Over the past few months the CitrusMC team has put their heads together to come up with our first major update. We do not have a clever name for the update yet, so please feel free to give us suggestions on our discord (we were thinking The Redstone Update, but that doesn't make sense)!

Rest assured, it did not take us two months to change the version, instead we took the time to also fix a lot of the broken features and implement promised changes into the server all at once. There is a full change log at the end of the post.

Recap: A continuation of where we left off.

Future Events Are Planned

As promised in the last news letter, it was stated: "There will also be random events too we will be trying out soon, such as PvP Tournaments or challenges hosted by our team." On the release of Ripening Season, we will post our very first event guide. The guide will have all of the information for the event such as the objective, rules, how to play, and most importantly when and where. We highly recommend joining our discord and staying tuned for any announcements.

Boss Battles Are Sorted

"We have found plenty of issues among all of our dungeons, and we are currently working on sorting them all out. One boss at a time, we are thoroughly revising their intended mechanics and experience." All bosses have been revised, and tested. We did even more than that by introducing new mechanics into the boss experience, making it easier to locate dungeons and consolidating implementations of features into a more seamless experience. Read more about this below.

Factions Fly, Fueled

A lot of you may remember the buggy fly mechanics with our previous plugin. It took us time to find a solution, but we have finally came to the conclusion that the best option was to re-invent our own fly mechanics. Players will now have to collect resources to fuel their fly. Read more about this below.

Data Loss Is No More

And it hasn't been for a while, but just in case you have been off the grid for a while we are still trying to let players know we have solved the issue of data disappearing. Thanks to our new infrastructure for backups and insightful logs, we should never have to experience these issues before.

Found Features

We have found the missing features! The End. All we had to do was follow a few eyes of ender. Jokes aside, we also have finally decided to implement The End due to the addition of fly fuel, which should combat void deaths. You may access The End with the normal vanilla way.

Still. Recruiting.

Have you ever wanted to be staff on one of the most professionally managed teams? With software and tools that puts us on the same level as major servers, being staff with us allows you to prove yourself and work your way up. Apply today for a quick response.


Same Seed, 1.13 Map

The map may have been reset, but rest assured knowing the map is generally the same except with 1.13 additions. If you're a biome-nut and loved where your base was located, the terrain may still be the same there, varying only slightly. However, a new biome could have generated there too, getting rid of it completely. CitrusMC officially recommends trying new biomes, though. We think you need to step out of your comfort zone now and then.

Economy Fixed (And Updated)

Previously, there were a lot of inconsistencies on our side about what things in shop costed. We have fully proofread our documentation and configuration and have fixed any inaccuracies, and in doing so we fixed a few issues, such as the /sell command. We have also updated the shop and the economy to support the 1.13 changes. Read more in the change log.

New Relics

We have decided each player being required to obtain a relic is too tedious for most, especially when a player purchases one and has to fight the boss alone. Instead, we made it so relics affect nearby players when used as long as they are within 25 meters of you. You can read more in the relic's description.

Northern Stars

Another change we have made is adding 'Northern Stars'. These compasses are dropped when you kill a lieutenant and are a somewhat useful item. You can set them to point to dungeons and even specific coordinates. Now you can simply follow your compass rather than constantly checking your coordinates.

New Fly Mechanics

It has been known for a while that the plugin managing /fly has had its fair share of issues. We have decided to add an entirely new fly experience. Now players will have to collect specific items to use as 'fuel' to fly for a limited amount of time, depending on the fuel they are using. As of right now the only fuel available is cobwebs, which have a burn time of about 9 seconds.

You can fly in any territory besides enemy territory and dungeons. These are restricted air-spaces and you will receive a 5-star wanted level instantly for entering.

What are we waiting for?

We are going to spend the next week finalizing the server in preparation for a beta release of the server, "Ripening Season". Just like before Season 1, we will be hosting a five-day event in which players can come test out a speed run version of CitrusMC. The economy will be extremely easy, daily rewards will be given out, and you will get a chance to experience as much of the server as possible.

Stay tuned, as we will be announcing the official Ripening Season release soon in the next newsletter, along with a full change-log letting you know everything that is new on CitrusMC.

Have a great week and drink plenty of water!