Rogue Elves

Breaking News

Authorities received an anonymous tip that led officers to believe something sinister was in motion for the upcoming holidays. Upon further investigation, a bomb has been located inside one of the large present props at spawn, indicating that the impending threat is specifically for this Christmas. Despite forensics and the bomb squad still at work, staff are pretty sure they know who to blame. Obviously, whoever is in charge must have easy access to TNT, and after pulling the shop's security logs we were able to narrow our suspects down to confirm our beliefs.

About a week ago a new mine opened up after a large coal deposit was discovered underneath spawn on a mining expedition. There has been a lot of traffic going in and out of that cave and that mining operation is also the biggest TNT consumer on the server. This also falls in line with the anonymous tip we received which also described the bandits as a long-standing conspiracy group to the server, which may explain where the deep roots and funding for such a large cover-up comes from.

Regardless, staff have begun the process to serve justice. A scout was sent into the cave earlier and came back warning us that the threat was far larger than we thought. It was reported that deep down in the mines the perpetrators had made themselves at home, and have been stocking up on explosives. Our scout, who's name won't be released for safety reasons, caught glimpse of one of the workers down there, except he had the aura of someone in charge. The bandit was described to have large pointy ears and was dressed for work and combat, somehow simultaneously. Authorities are referring to the conspirators as rogue elves.

The first attempt to break the bandits and learn more is tomorrow at 2 PM CST/8 PM GMT - staff are planning a raid and are recruiting average any-day Joes from the streets to build manpower. If you would like to join, make sure you are online and in battle gear!


Factions Is Fixed

All players besides leaders previously were unable to do anything in their own faction's territory despite their role or permissions granted- that has been fixed in case you missed our most recent update on discord, or if you only like reading it here (we don't blame you). We welcome you back to continue your journey on our server.

We Want Your Help

Big dreams require big teams- we need you. CitrusMC provides a very high level of professionalism you won't find anywhere else. With our high standards, being accepted into our staff team is an honor and will provide you with real-world skills.

Please read the application guidelines before applying, and remember that we pay very close attention to our player-base. Have you been good? Good luck!

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Change Log


  • 1.15.1 support added.
  • Updated McMMO.
  • Server store payment gateways now support all major card vendors (using PayPal Express).


  • Some items (relics or gems) have been updated. If an item of yours no longer works, contact #support on discord with a screenshot of the item.
  • Player's power (/f pow) has been reduced to 40. New players start with 10 power and you lose 4 power per death. You only gain 1 power every 5 minutes.
  • All dungeons now close in 10 seconds rather than the previous 30 seconds.
  • Tab prediction has been added back.


  • Factions permissions have been fixed.
  • Fixed spawners in the shop not working when placed.
  • Summoner coordinates have been corrected.