Season 1 Week 1 News

Although it hasn't been an entire week yet, we will always post our weekly news on Mondays; here we are!


None of you have lives, do you? We won't point fingers, but we think 50+ hours should be considered as alarming . We covered most of the big headlines in our last article, so we will try to avoid repeating ourselves. Throughout the first week we have seen a lot of players returning who we haven't seen in over a year, and many of our Beta Week participants. We are inexplicably excited to see you all back, and we hope you stay around. Finally, we have given our Beta Week participants a little recognition by giving them a tag visible when you hover over their name. Depending on future additions, we may allow you to toggle this or use other tags available later. We have also seen a lot of players joining who are confused about the game-play. Please a be a good citr-aratan and offer them a few bits of advice. If you are also clueless, feel free to tag staff on our Discord, or refer to the CitrusMC Handbook you can get with /handbook.


Factions Fly

There is definitely a few kinks to work out in this area, but it will take time. Our main priority is working out all of the problems with factions fly, such as fly not being enabled on rejoin but when you type the command it disables. We also know traveling in an amplified world is outrageous. To combat this, we are looking into adding a feature letting players fly in wilderness, but with restrictions.

Missing Features

We know you guys are missing some features, like, where are your trails?! Some 'missing' things we've seen players ask about include /warps, or a /spawn. It is intended in the game-play experience to exclude these typical structures. We currently have no intentions of ever adding public warps for players to meet at. Enjoy the natural PvP experience. The End still is excluded for now as we are still working on executing a proper implementation that maintains our game-play experience goals. On a more serious tone, if you believe there is a missing feature please report it to our bug tracker and we will investigate it.

We See Your Issues

Our team monitor chat and pay very close attention to what players are doing. We have seen a lot of the problems you might be having and if they are not fixed this week, they may be fixed in the next week. Of course, no matter how small of an issue, please report it to our bug tracker. We only announce fixes in the weekly notes (unless if they are very major), so your particular issue may be fixed immediately without notice in some cases.

We Are Recruiting

Big dreams require big teams- we need you. CitrusMC provides a very high level of professionalism you won't find anywhere else. With our high standards, being accepted into our staff team is an honor and will provide you with real-world skills. Please read the application guidelines before applying, and remember that we pay very close attention to our player-base. Have you been good? Good luck!

Change Log

  • Lowered lieutenant spawn rates to 1/4 of their previous chances.
  • Factions data loss has been fixed. The cause of this is known and will not happen again.
  • Removed fall damage message when your /f fly is disabled, because of redundancy.
  • Removed the "/daily for rewards" on the side bar (Reported by ContextMenu).
  • Fixed world border claiming not working in some corners (Reported by GreasyFilms).
  • Fixed ghast tear/leather in shop (Reported by Marklester).
  • Lieutenants should drop relics, as intended (Reported by StarRide).
  • Recruitment forms disappearing into the void is fixed (Reported by TerrorHorizon).
  • Vote sites with /vote.
  • Valentine's Day love letter drops for specific mobs.
  • Re-textured our MOTD to fit the mood.
  • Added permission to use /rtp to teleport randomly.
  • /discord provides an invite to our Discord.
  • /site command for our website.
  • Hoppers & concrete are now in the shop (Euph).
  • Added [Beta] tags to all Beta Week participants shown when you hover over their name!

See you all next week!