Twelve Days Of Citrus


Welcome back! We have a really cool update for you today, but first, we must talk about this week's on-goings. In case if you haven't been around enough to know, there have been a few main people actively playing so far. Most notable in terms of... intriguing, there has been a large influx of random obsidian stairs appearing on our block-radar. These alerts only seem to appear when IIValkyrieII is online, but we have yet to confirm anything. AnotherRadLad spent a large amount of time online this week and has produced some amazing results, including a beautiful secure base to house RightClick. This is the most progress anyone has made so far, but we're sure that is going to change soon. SpongyPvP joined a little late, but they are right in tow of RightClick, with a respectable base to show for their time played. While other players have joined (a total of 24 unique accounts), these are the ones we have seen online the most.

Additionally, a few of you have gotten to test out our boss fights. We are very happy with how well the fights have performed, but there are changes planned already to improve them even more. One of the more major changes has taken place with this update. More on that later...


Twelve Days Of Citrus Has Begun

We had to get this one out of the way at some point (the article is named after it, after all). This season we get to host our very first Christmas event, and we decided on twelve days of gifting. Each day a new gift is unlocked for players to claim. You can claim rewards from previous days too, so you don't have to worry about missing out on a gift. You will be able to claim any missed gifts all the way until the end of the month. To claim today's gift, log in and type /daily.

To get into the spirit of the holidays rather than just feeding everyone gifts, we also have re-decorated the tree spawn and changed some of the colors around the server. They're fairly obvious, so we hope you enjoy the little extra bits of effort we put into this. We encourage you to take some time to absorb your surroundings at spawn just like we're going to. Let us know what you think in our discord!

Dungeon Kits Are Here

Replacing the old "GKits" are the brand new Dungeon Kits. On top of the old gkits being broken, we decided they were very lazily designed and didn't have anything of real value to players. Because of this, we took the time to rewrite each one and hand-pick the enchants that go on every piece of equipment, and we stamped a new name onto them: Dungeon Kits. You can access dungeon kits by typing /kits and selecting them, or directly by typing /dkits.

Factions Top Is Reworked

This is normally something minor enough to stuff into the change log alone. However, we wanted to mention this because of its major role in the factions gameplay; your objective is to dominate ftop. You can see which factions are doing the best financially by typing /ftop. This gives you insight for who to target and where you stand in the server. As of right now, it only counts player balances and spawners placed in your territory.

Known Bugs

There are a few bugs still standing on the server, but we assure you they will be eradicated as soon as possible. We have contacted developers and are doing the most in our power to make the game better for you. As always, if you find any bugs it is strongly advised that you type /bug and report your bugs here. If you have any concerns for gameplay that do not necessarily count as a bug, feel free to join our discord and send them through the support channel.

We Want Your Help

Big dreams require big teams- we need you. CitrusMC provides a very high level of professionalism you won't find anywhere else. With our high standards, being accepted into our staff team is an honor and will provide you with real-world skills.

Please read the application guidelines before applying, and remember that we pay very close attention to our player-base. Have you been good? Good luck!

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Change Log


  • Twelve Days Of Citrus has been added (/daily).
  • Christmas Spawn added.
  • A couple new tips in chat.
  • Dungeon Kits added.


  • Lieutenant spawn rates adjusted.
  • Blaze rods buffed to £8/per rod.
  • Gunpowder nerfed to £10/per powder.
  • Death messages have been changed to match the server's style.
  • Kits have been reworked to support dungeon kits better.
  • Messages and MOTD have been updated.


  • Vanilla world border in End.
  • Gkit (now dkit) gems not working.
  • Shrider dungeon not opening.
  • Voting now counts for vote top, but we're still unsure how we fixed it.
  • Lieutenants now only spawn with open sky above them.